First Tests

These studies have shown that KDF possesses inherent toxicity to Ps. fluorescens
that requires direct contact for maximum efficacy. The mode of action is likely to be
via a rapid reduction in redox potential as water-borne bacteria contact the column.

There seems to be great potential for this material to serve as an effective water
treatment device to reduce or remove water pathogens such as Legionella
pneumophila without the need for introduction of pesticides into the water.

By John W. Wireman, PhD

Submitted by Biological Research Solutions
John W. Wireman, PhD,   

                                  Second Tests

This testing showed that the water treatment device is bacteriostatic and does not
stimulate the growth of Enterobacter nor does it provide an environment that
promotes survival.
In addition, the device is effective in reducing the concentration of Enterobacter or
other endogenous bacteria present in the influent water (bactericidal effect) and
thus may be useful in the control of potentially harmful bacteria that may
inadvertently enter potable water supplies..

By John W. Wireman, PhD