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"One efficient green product is the full plate distributor vessel,
currently the only one of its kind in the industry for residential And light
commercial applications. It achieves optimal backwashing And
cleaning action of medias by utilizing a high-flow, lift-and-bed
fluidization that creates a scrubbing action And distributes water
throughout the bed.With the current studies between NOWRA And
WQA And water savings regulations being watched in all states, a new
tank technology that improves on current designs is significant. A full
plate distributor vessel can take the next step And rewrite the book of
water treatment."
                      Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine
* Increase  efficiency by nearly 80 percent over the
accepted  industry standard for conditioning systems.
* Up to 30% less backwash flow... Conserving water for
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On The Porch  
No Maintenance Contracts
This computer controlled machine cleans itself and
requires no
scheduled maintenance   Do your research... Not one
other company gives you as much value. Our machines
are engineered to last not fail. They will serve you for a
The Best Equipment
With Over 80 Possible Configurations The Pure Water   
Appliance Can Be Configured To Solve Nearly Any Water
Problem. Acid, Tannins, P H, Bad Taste, Odors, Chlorine,
Heavy Metals, Sulfur And Iron. All This While Softening
Your water. Plus A Built in 5 Micron Filter That Never
Need Replacing.
Inside The Pure Water Appliance
We say if you can't run with the big dog stay on the
porch. We are the big dog they were talking about. We
started by designing the best water softener out there.
Even though there is a lot more to our appliance, Just
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the porch.
Made In The U S A For Your Water
*The experience you have trusted For over 20

* Uses Less Salt And Water

* Healthy Water Out Of Every Faucet

* No Filters To Change

* 4 Separate Machines In One

* Removes Lead And Heavy Metals

* Cleaner Softer Hair And Skin

* Filters To 5 Micron
* Removes Bad Taste And Odor

* Remove Sulfur and Iron

* Number One  For  Treating Problem

* U. S. EPA  Bactereiostatic Device

* This Unit Can Clean With Potassium

* 10 Year Non Pro-Rated Warranty