You get a media that never has to be replaced that removes water soluble heavy metals. It
is important to remove heavy metals lead, mercury, copper, nickel, chromium, and other
dissolved metals. It also controls scale, bacteria and algae, even in hot water. Then we
remove the chlorine and chloramines the cities put in our water. As if that wasn't enough
we then filter your water down to 5 micron with a media that never has to be replaced and
doesn't restrict the water flow. As you can see with our first compartment we are able to
accomplish more with no chemicals than a conventional water softener does with multiple
machines and chemicals. Plus as an added bonus it protects the compartments below it.
We are so confident we give you a warranty for a full 10 years non-prorated... The best in
the industry!
Compare to a conventional pretreatment, Most companies offer a cartridge type filter that
will reduce your water pressure and eventually clog up and should be changed frequently.
Then they use a carbon tank filter to remove the chlorine and chemicals from the water
before it goes in the water softener. If the chlorine and chemicals reach the water softener
it will be destroyed. This adds $1500.00 to their softener.
Inside The Pure Water Appliance
In this compartment is where the water enters the machine. We are able to
compartmentalize our machine using our patented flow and regeneration screens. What we
do is trap the filtering medias between two screens. That allows us to utilize 100% of a
medias capacity and capabilities by spreading the water out evenly over the whole area
and then spinning the media during the backwash cycle.
Pretreatment Compartment
  • Scale Reduction                
  • Remove Heavy Metals                 
  • Bacteria EPA 54369- O H - 001    
Then Your Water Goes Into the Second Compartment
In this compartment is where we offer medias that will give that drinking water quality to
your pretreated and filtered water. Our special blend of medias remove taste and odors
plus pesticides insecticides and numerous chemicals found in our nations water. Plus as a
added benefit we aerate the water to give it the sparkling clean taste that we all wish our
water had. Just the health benefits alone will pay the price of the entire machine.
Bottled Water Compartment
In this compartment is where we have the best water softener in America.  When you
first started looking for a treatment system you probably said you were looking for a
water softener. Luckily you found the Pure Water Appliance which is a true water
treatment system. But let's be fair and compare just this one compartment to the best
softeners out there.
We start with the best computer control system available anywhere by anyone. We have
increased efficiency by nearly 80 percent over the generally accepted  industry standard
for water softening systems. As an added savings we use up to 30% less backwash
flow... Conserving water for you when your family so desperately need green products
in their lives. Thanks again to our flow screen technology. Plus your water is filtered to 5
Micron. None of our competitors can even come close with their water softeners. Our
controller system uses less than $0.50 of electricity a month. Plus our valve system is
heavy duty to last a lifetime.
Remember your controller and everything else is warranted for 10 full years
non-prorated. Plus there is no maintenance needed ever! That is why we call it an
appliance... It is designed and built to give your family clean healthy water out of every
tap. Plus if you move you take it with you just like your refrigerator.

Yes the Pure Water Appliance can do it all better than any other system.
The Best Water Softener In America
Then Your Water Goes Into the Third Compartment
Filter Water To 5 Micron              
Protects The Compartments Below
10 Year Maintenance Free Warranty