"One efficient green product is the full plate distributor vessel, currently the only one of its kind in the
industry for residential And light commercial applications. It achieves optimal backwashing And cleaning
action of medias by utilizing a high-flow, lift-and-bed fluidization that creates a scrubbing action And
distributes water throughout the bed. With the current studies between NOWRA And WQA And water
savings regulations being watched in all states, a new tank technology that improves on current designs is
significant. A full plate distributor vessel can take the next step and rewrite the book of water treatment."
Water Conditioning & Purification Magazine

I built my house seven years ago with the intention of adding a Home Water Solutions System because I did
my research and I knew all the specialized media filters would make a material difference to my water
quality.  For starters, my shower heads and dishwasher still look like they just came out of the box but the
only mistake I made was buying a squeegee for my shower glass cause I don't even need it, which to me, is
amazing. The System has worked without fail since purchase.  Attached are pictures to demonstrate the
different between my shower head (treated) and my sprinkler head (untreated).
In Houston, we have hardness and chlorine in our water and this System just works...  Seeing is believing
and thank you for delivering us the solution and the peace of mind knowing our water is being treated with
the best media filters money can buy.  
Spencer Smith
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All future customers,

This letter is being written so that I may share my experience with the 'Home Water Solutions', Company
and their extremely competent and caring sales and support team.

From my first call to inquire about their product, through the sale, delivery and installation; Mr. Stan Reese
provided me with the highest level of customer support and I cannot recommend him enough.

I also wish to thank Travis, in technical support, for his invaluable over the phone assistance in guiding
me through the installation process. His product knowledge, friendliness and patience were exemplary.

Because of my total satisfaction with this products performance and the entire purchase experience;
I am urging anyone looking to install or replace a water filtration system to very seriously consider the
'Home Water Solutions' alternative. You will not be disappointed.


George  N
Lago Vista, TX  

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