In our part of Tennessee the water has a terrible smell and stains everything it touches. Of course we
couldn't drink the water or use it for cooking or laundry. We honestly didn't believe there was anything out
there that could fix our problem. We sent a sample of water to Home Water Solutions when we purchased
our machine and they customized our Pure Water Appliance. My husband and son installed the pure water
appliance themselves when it arrived a few days later. It was amazing the difference it made! I can get a
good drink of water out of any faucet in the house. My clothes are clean and the stains are gone. After 4
years of good water I just had to write and say thank you.
Julie Adams

I live in Jacksonville, Fla and as most people in Florida knows Jacksonville has some of the worst water in
the country. After receiving numerous warnings about trihalomethanes and lead we purchased a pure water
appliance from home water solutions. Before we had the machine I always worried about my family being
exposed to all the pollutants. Now I don't worry when I give my children a drink of water.
Karen Johnson

Where we live north of Dallas the water has so much iron in it our trees and the side of our house was
painted orange up about 3 feet high. Using this water for anything was out of the question. Since installing
our pure water appliance I can actually drink the water and no longer get stains. I highly recommend this
Jeff M
Pilot Point, Texas

Anyone who is familiar with San Antonio water knows that we have some of the hardest and worst tasting
water in the country. I did my research and found the pure water appliance. It was the only system that had
filtration and purification plus water softener in one machine. What a difference from the old water softener
we had. With the old unit it had an r.o. unit under the sink that only had about 2 gallon capacity. I can't tell
you the times we would run out of good water just about the time we were cooking dinner. Now we have
clean good tasting water everywhere. I only wish I had found your company 15 years ago. Thank You!
Ellen Johnson
San Antonio, Texas

I wanted to take the time to say thank you for marketing a well water system that would actually work to take
out the terrible smell and particulates of our well. a special things to Travis for his diligence, continually
coming out to the house to check the system, redesign, add another tank until it worked,  thank you for
standing by your products, for doing whatever it takes, and going that extra mile to get  good quality
drinking water from a well that was badly drilled. We now have great tasting water from the tap whereas
before the whole house would smell soon as you ran the water.
Your system has literally saved us seven or eight thousand dollars from having to drill another well, I would
and have recommended your system to neighbors in our area and members in our church and will continue
to do so above any other system on the market.
Robert Rieley

After 3 years of purchasing our system, we are still loving our system.  We decided to skip the bypass for
running our sprinklers since the salt is so cheap.  We have noticed a complete reversal in our hard water
stains from before having the system installed.  Stan was awesome to deal with during our purchase, there
was no high pressure sale at all.  Their systems sell themselves.  I should have written this review when we
purchased our system.
Renee Nydegger

I want to give a full 5-star review for Travis and Randal's installation of my water softener on July 30th, 2018.
They came on time like scheduled and worked hard the entire time. The job took roughly 6-8 hours, but they
kept on working, even skipping lunch to get the job done as quickly as possible. Both Travis and Randal
were very informative on the process they were doing and were entertaining to speak with. They kept a
professional disposition throughout the installation and ensured everything done was done correctly and
with the utmost quality standards and practices. I was extremely impressed by the quality of their service
and their kind consideration of the work they were doing. I will definitely recommend Home Water Solutions
to others because of these two gentleman and for the price I paid, plus the quality of service and quality of
this product, I would say I got the best deal possible. Thanks and it was great doing business with you Stan,
Travis and Randal!

-George Nellikunnel
Homeowner, Murphy TX


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