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When People Speak Of A  Water Softener For Wells What They Are Actually Searching For Is A Treatment System That Can
Do It All. Water Softener, Water Filter, And True Water Purification.
All This For The Price Of A Water Softener!

We Have No Off The Shelf Machines. Each Pure Water Appliance Starts Down The Line Empty And Is Configured For Each
Customers Water. With Our Ability To Customize We can Handle Any Water Problems You May Be Having Like Chlorine, Sulfur
Smell Or Even Removing Iron From Well Water.

What Is Even More Important Are The Pollutants That You Can't See, Taste, Or Smell. Using Our New State Of The Art
Filtering Medias And Our 3 Compartmented  Water Treatment System We Are Able To Give You Bottle Water Quality
Throughout Your Whole House. Bathe, Drink, Cook And Do Laundry With Bottle Water.
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The Choice Is Simple
1. Reliability. Unlike other companies that make 80% of their  
profits servicing equipment  we don't.  We wanted a machine
that would give years of trouble free service.

2.We wanted a system controller that anyone could repair if  
something were to go wrong. Using only two thumbs you can
virtually rebuild this brain.
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Water Softener
Step 1. Go Inside And See How We Can Configure Your Machine To Take Care Of Your Water Problems.
Learn How We Build The Finest Water Softener System For Wells. Serving  The Midland/Odessa Area For 20 Years
2013 System
See How Easy To
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We start with the most advance controller in the industry. But because we sell it all over the U. S. And  have customers hundreds of miles from the nearest town our
controller is engineered around three goals.
3. It had to be easy to install. Many of our customers want to
install  the machine themselves so we designed it for them. We
even furnish the bypass so other than pipe And fittings there is
not much to buy. By going to your local hardware store And
getting shark bite fittings you can install this machine And never
touch glue. There are only three connections.
This water system is made in the U. S. A.
2014 System
There are no prices because we have to know what you need And want in your system. A water treatment specialist is available
to help you configure your machine depending on your needs And quote you a to the penny price. We challenge you to find
another major manufacturer that will give a price without sending a salesperson to your house.
No Scheduled Maintenance For Ten Years!
Lowest Prices Of The Year. Contact Us By June 10th